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OutReach Program To Cadayunan Primary School

Cadayunan Primary School, cagayan de  oro


I’m supporting the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers (CDO Bloggers) to their outreach program instead of having a plan to my next travel destination this coming December. The outreach program will help the newly opened primary school in Besigan which is the Cadayunan Primary School. Besigan is 52 kilometres away from the city proper of Cagayan de Oro. Most people in this community are farmers; one of the regular transportation in this community is a dump truck of the city government who help their people to transport the farm products. Last March 2011 before this Cadayunan Primary School was approved, the students had to walk around 12 kilometres everyday (YES everyday) to and from the nearest school which is resulting to most of them skipping school and eventually stop.

Cadayunan Primary School Class Room

This school is a blessing to the residence of Bisagan to their children for the education opportunities and to continue their dreams. Currently the school has 60 primary students with only 2 teacher’s in-charge. We are doing this because we saw that this school and the students is dire need learning materials for students as well as teaching materials for the teacher to effectively guide and teach these eager kids. We don’t know that one of these students will become our next President in the Philippines..:-) Members of CDO Bloggers are already committed to help through cash or kind donations.

Cadayunan Primary SchoolIn connection with this, we would like to ask again to your help guys to help these pupils reach their dreams. Month of December is month for sharing and loving, this is the perfect month for you to share your blessings and love. We are accepting cash and kind donations, if you would like to contribute or support this outreach you can email us @ cdobloggersinc@gmail.com. For our fellow bloggers outside the country or outside Cagayan de Oro who would like to give cash donations through paypal (francis.siason@gmail.com) which we don’t care if how much is that as long as it came from your heart, and also we are accepting books if you have one and please help us promote this outreach program. If you remember way back January 2009 where Cagayan de Oro experiencing heavy flash floods which there are 47,000 individual and 10,000 family  have been affected of this flash floods. We made also a campaign to help our fellow Kagay-anons and ask for donations for only $3. They say’s that “share your blessings and it will return 10 times”. By the way our outreach on Cadayunan Primary School will be on December 2, 2011 that is Friday, if you will come much better..:-)

The Students and their Class Room

I consider this outreach as my travel for the month of December. I know that this could be an adventure outreach also…



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