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Snorkeling @ Balicasag (Day 2 Bohol)

This is our second day stayed at Bohol; our first day is so fun and amazing. We visit the tourist spots of Bohol for only 5-6 hours only and end our day tour in a dinner at Loboc Cruiser.

Our second day tour is at Balicasag Island where we will try their snorkeling area. They said that they have a beautiful area for snorkeling and they assure that you will enjoy your snorkeling experience. So around 6 am our tour guide pitched us in our hotel where we stayed and around 6:30 am we are on our way to Balicasag Island. Before going Balicasag Island we stop over one place for the Dolphin and Whale watching. Yes!! We saw whales and Dolphins at this time, according to our guide the Dolphins that we saw is a Spinner type of Dolphins. We spend an hour for our Dolphin and Whale watching before going to Balicasag Island for our Snorkeling.

Dolphin and Whale Watching, balicasag islang, bohol

Dolphin and Whale Watching

I don’t have words to say during our snorkeling at Balicasag Island. Just watch and scan our pictures during our snorkeling experience. We have only few words to say in this experience, we enjoy our tour and snorkeling experience.

Balicasag-Sea-Side,Balicasag island, Balicasag bohol, bohol


This picture is after our lunch and on our way to Snorkeling. We are 13 in the group would like try Snorkeling.

Balicasag-Boat, Balicasag bohol, Balicasag snorkeling, Balicasag snorkeling bohol, bohol


Only 2-4 person can ride for the small boat excluding the guide.

Snorkeling-Balicasag,Snorkeling-Balicasag bohol

Snorkeling Balicasag

This picture is taken when were at the Snorkeling area of Balicasag Island.


Snorkeling Group Picture

Since we bring under water camera we decided to take picture as a group..:-)


Fish and Corals under water of Balicasag Island.

From Panglao Island going to Balicasag Island is only 30-45 minutes travel time. If you have plan to visit Bohol and don’t have a tourist guide yet contact us maybe we can help you.



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14 Comments for “Snorkeling @ Balicasag (Day 2 Bohol)”

  1. Ocean Adventure Subic Tour | My Personal Travel and Tours Blog Around Philippines|CDO GUIDE

    […] is my first time to watch the real Dolphin show where I really enjoyed getting some picture in a show in spite that it is so hot because we seat in […]

  2. Wow, me and my barkada have been to this island tripping too. The most memorable part for me is the snorkeling. Close encounter with this colorful fishes is really amazing.

  3. […] is my first time to watch the real Dolphin show where I really enjoyed getting some picture in a show in spite that it is so hot because we seat in […]

  4. πŸ™‚ check out all of the spots in bohol..

    the best and excellent snorkeling site i’ve ever been to is the Balicasag Island and the Pamilacan Island.. there so many huge schools of fish..this has to be the most beautiful Island ever been on.

  5. Online Hotel Booking Jaipur

    good blog i really like it….Thanks for the info.

  6. @ john, thank you that you had a wonderful time in our place, Panglao, bohol

  7. Wow this place is really great, i hope someday i can visit this place. Thanks.

  8. Wow. Thank you so much for posting such wonderful pictures. Balicasag Island is indeed a great place to visit. I didn’t know that this island actually exists. I hope I can visit the wonderful places in the Philippines including Balicasag Island.

  9. This is one of the nicest blog sites. Thank you so much for the effort of giving us a detailed article for travelling. i might start travelling next month from other places. thanks again. cheers

  10. We missed this one when we stayed in Alona. We needed to leave by noontime on our last day. There’s a reason for me to come back. Maganda pala talaga yung underwater scenery. πŸ™‚

  11. Yup @ Gabz napaka ganda ng snorkeling area nila…Honestly I enjoyed it..:-)

  12. Wow i want to experience that too πŸ™‚

  13. Ganda ng underwater sa Balicasag! One of the best snorkeling site I’ve been to πŸ˜›

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