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Paras Sea Cat Schedule and Rates Of travel

Paras Sea Cat

Panaad 2010 is almost to come and I know that lots of people out there is planning a vacation for this coming holy week especially people who are busy in their work loads, there are 4 days of vacation this coming April including Sunday. So as today your CDO Guide will posting a schedule of Paras Sea Cat. To those people, Barkadas, Family and friends who plan to go to Bohol and Camiguin with short time of travel going there I can suggest used the Paras Sea Cat. Jagna to Camiguin vice versa will take 2 hours only while Jagna to Cagayan de Oro vice versa will take 4 1/2 hours only. We know that Camiguin and Bohol are one of the Tourist Spot in the Philippines which foreigners and tourist will love to visit this beautiful place of ours. As I visit this beautiful spot before, I can see that our country have lots of tourist spots that we need to developed and we need to care the nature what we have right now. So this is the schedule of the Paras Sea Cat and the rates.


Daily Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin 8:30Am

Daily Camiguin to Cagayan de Oro 4:00Pm

Daily Bohol to Camuguin except Tuesday and Thursday

Camiguin to Bohol 11:00Am

Bohol to Camiguin 1:30Pm


Bohol to Camiguin vice versa:

Main Deck 400 php

View Deck 400 php

Business Class 600 php

Bohol to Cagayan de Oro vice versa:

Main Deck 800 php

View Deck 800 php

Business Class 1200 php

Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin vice versa:

Main Deck 400 php

View Deck 400 php

Business Class 600 php

For Promos and booking call the following area

Macabalan Peir Stall # 8 Passengers

Terminal Complex, Cag. Ticketing Office (088) 857-2727

#52 Justo Gaerlan Street, CDOC

Paras Beach Resort (088) 856-8562 or 856-8563

Benoni Port Camiguin

(088) 387-4062

Jagna Port

(038) 238-2661

Tagbilaran Port

(038) 235-5989 or (038) 501-8098

Paras Sea Cat

Update about this Post…

Paras Sea Cat is no longer operating.. Thank you for the visit.. Ocean Jet fast craft is an alternative craft going to bohol and camiguin



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64 Comments for “Paras Sea Cat Schedule and Rates Of travel”

  1. Frances Karen Wong

    can you post the schedule for Cagayan to Bohol and vice versa? and also the contact number for this ferry company. thank you very much!

  2. Hi @Frances Karen Wong;

    Bohol to Cagayan de Oro vice versa:
    Macabalan Peir Stall # 8 Passengers
    Terminal Complex, Cag. Ticketing Office (088) 857-2727
    and for Jagna
    Contact Number
    Tagbilaran Port
    (038) 235-5989 or (038) 501-8098

    Thanks for the visit

  3. christi m. magto

    i would like to inquire any discounts for 200pax majority students most likely to take cdo-camiguin & camiguin – jagna. thanks.

    • Hi @ christi, Thanks for the visit. actually I do no if their is a discount, its better if you call their office and inquire to them. Here is the number you will call in Cagayan de Oro

      Macabalan Peir Stall # 8 Passengers

      Terminal Complex, Cag. Ticketing Office (088) 857-2727

      #52 Justo Gaerlan Street, CDOC


    • Hi @Joane Thanks for the visit. I think Paras seacat don’t have Schedule on Tuesday and Thursday. I would like to ask for some query to them regarding your concern.

  5. Can we get a ticket for cdo-bohol online?

  6. Vacation Hot Spot In Camiguin Island |

    […] are two ways to reach Camiguin which is mostly by sea. The first route is to take the fast craft which leaves Cagayan de Oro at 8:30 in the morning daily and travels approximately two hours to […]

  7. Karen de Jesus

    Hi..we would like to reserve 15 seat main view on June 19,2010 cagayan to Camiguin and return on June 20,1010 Camiguin to Cagayan.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi, I would just like to confirm if there are any schduled trips from cdo to camiguin on June 20, 2010 or are they still on scheduled maintenance?


  9. thanks a lot for the info. big help really…

  10. Where is that Bohol meant in CDO-Bohol? is it Tagbilaran port of Jagna port?


  11. just would like to ask from tagbilaran airport how many hours is the travelling time going to the port of paras sea cat

  12. hi…we would like to reserve 3 tickets (3 seats)main deck,tomorrow september 11,2010 cagayan to camiguin….


  13. hello i would like 2 ask the sched from bohol 2 camiguin nd from where we can buy a atake or can we do booking through online nd d exact place of the pier

  14. Hi @Leah..Daily Bohol to Camuguin except Tuesday and Thursday..u can buy or reserved your ticket at their ticket booth..If you are from bohol u can go to Tagabilaran port for your ticket reservation..

  15. I am wondering if there is no other schedule for departure from Cagayan De Oro, my worry is that if we arrive from the airpor – we might miss the departure time of the seacat…

    • Hi @Paul, I think they have other schedule at the afternoon. the departure around 2 or 4 in the afternoon, I’m not sure. It’s better you will call their office to clarify it..:-)

  16. This is definitely the best clarification I have found concerning the Camiguin to Bohol ferry route. Can you confirm if this schedule is still accurate? We will be traveling to Camiguin on Dec 6th, 2010, and would like to go directly to Bohol from there.

    Much thanks!

    • Hi @ Steve..

      thanks for visiting Travels and Tours Blog, yes this schedule is accurate..I just cam from bohol last September we just follow this schedule. But its better if you reserved first so that you can assure that u have a ticket already..;-)

  17. Hi I would like to reserve 7 seats on April 26. For your morning departure from jagna port CDO to camiguin.

    How do we get confirmations on this? I tried calling the numbers above but none of them work.

    Kindly email the details, thank you!

  18. hi.. i was wondering if paras sea cat will have a ferry schedule on good friday (april 22, 2011)? thanks!

    • Hi @jayzhelle..I do know in April 22, 2011 if they have trip but in 21 I’m sure they have because I’m planning also to go to Camiguin this coming April 21. If you have with these days I suggest u need to get your ticket as early as now…

  19. Hello. just would like to inquire

    1) What time is your last trip from CDO-Camiguin?
    2) Can you give me afternoon sched from Camiguin-Bohol.
    3) How much is the fair from CDO- Camiguin? The trip would only be one way since from Camiguin we will be going directly to Bohol (after 2days).


  20. Hi Zuna,

    1st question: there is only 1 trip from CDO-Camiguin and that is early in the morning 8:30 and you will arrive in camiguin almost 11 am.

    2nd question: There is only 1 trip also going to Bohol from Camiguin, the departure time from Camiguin to Bohol is 11:30 am.

    3rd question: right now the fare was increase from 400 pesos to 550 pesos one way only.

    Thanks for visiting my site…

  21. hi. what time do i have to be at the port to catch the 830 am fast craft from cdo to camiguin? i’m planning to get the flight from manila to cdo which will arrive at 730am. is it possible? thanks

    • Hi Che,

      You must there before 8am or exactly 8am…but the departure of this craft is on time so don’t worry you can catch the 8.30 am… if you will arrive 7.30 in CDO so probably you will be there around 8am…It’s only 25-30 minutes from airport to pier. BTW.! Thanks for visiting Travel and Tours Blog.

  22. Hi,

    Do you have ferry trips from Camiguin to CDO scheduled at 11 am? Our flight back to Manila on July 28 is at 3:55 pm. Thanks.

    • Hi Pam, I don’t know if there is a trip schedule of camiguin to cdo in this time.

      • Thanks for your reply. Aside from the CDO ferry, What other means can we use to get to Camiguin?

        • Aside on Paras Sea Cat you go by land, from Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan it takes 1 hr and 30 minutes..From Balingoan you need to ride or use the Barge to go to Camiguin and it takes almost hr.I did not recommend this route because it’s time consuming..It takes you almost 4 hrs while if you use the Para Sea Cat it only consume 2 hrs..But its up to you were you will be comfortable..:-) Thanks for visiting Travel and Tours Blog

  23. Gud A.m!ask lng po myron ba byahe kyo jagna to cagayan de oro!!wt time?price ng tcket magkano?deprt.june 9 2011!!anytime!!waiting rep!!asap!!

    • Hi Ronnie, …yup merong byahe..I think around 12:30 – 1 Pm…the price is 550..I think merong office sa jagna na pwede mong pag tanongan rin more info.. Thanks for visiting..:-)

  24. Is it true na walang nang biahe ng Paras sea cat from jagna to Camiguin? Kasi I’m planning to go to Camiguin from jagna on June 21. Pls. help

  25. Hi. Bound to CDO end of this month.
    1. How many hours will it take us from CDO proper (T. Neri St) to Balingoan Terminal?
    2. Would u recommend us to stay near Balingoan to catch the earliest trip (8:30am)? If yes, any suggestion where to stay?
    3. As published, Camiguin to CDO trip is at 4:00pm, are there any other late trips?

    Will appreciate your soonest reply. Thanks

    • Hi, Thanks for visiting Travel and Tours Blog..
      1. your arrived in cdo via plane? it takes only 20-30 minutes going to cdo proper while going to Balingoan it takes almost 2 hours.
      2. there is a resort in balingoan but I forgot the name..
      3. 4:00pm is the last trip only.

      FYI: the port of Paras Sea Cat is only located at Cagayan de Oro at macabalan pier. No need to go to Balingaon if you are going to use the Paras Sea Cat as a transpo going to Camiguin Island.
      Once again thanks for visiting.. This is your CDO Guide..

  26. Hi!
    My family and I are booked for Bohol on the end of December, going to Camiguin for New Year’s and will travel to CDO on January 1. I want to know if Paras Sea Cat is operating on that day (Jan.1).
    Thank you! 🙂

  27. […] the Visayas through its fleet of turbo prop aircraft’s will soon open  flights from Bohol to Cagayan de Oro and vice-versa this coming December 2011. Yes you read it right we have already direct flights from […]

  28. 1. we will be arriving at cdo at 730 am flight from manila… was it possible for us o catch the 830am go ing to camiguin… what is the fastest way to get into he port from airport… can we researve tickets in advance also?

    2. what is the schedule from camiguin to cdo?are there any afternoon schedule? thanks in advance..

    • Hi @Ethel, thanks for visiting Travel and Tours Guide. Yes you can catch the 8:30 trip going to camiguin. The only vehicle you can ride is taxi and I think it takes 20-30 minutes from airport to port. Just inform the taxi driver that you need to be fast coz you need to catch the 8:30 trip going to Camiguin. You can’t reserve the ticket in advance, they don’t have an online ticketing system.:-)

      For Paras Sea Cat there is no afternoon schedule from Camiguin to Cagayan de oro. The only trip that they have going back to CDO is around 12 noon to 1 PM. But you if you like the afternoon trip you can ride the Barge from Camiguin to Cagayan de Oro. I think the last trip of the barge is 5 pm but it is not direct from Cagayan de oro. You need to travel by land going back to cagayan de oro.

  29. I think Paras Sea Cat cancelled operations from CDO:
    “Paras Sea Cat has definitely stopped its direct ferry connection from Cagayan de Oro.”
    Did the Paras owner fell out with the Congress Man????
    Just a thought.
    And it is a shame, because it made travelling to Camiguin more convenient. I did actually expected that, as the Congress Man of Camiguin is more involved into the transport between Belinguan and Benoni. ( More Companies, more bribe)
    Somebody should dig out the Ak47 and show him!! Btw, he has just started to build a nice palace in Camiguin, where there was a community banana farm.
    Go figure!!

  30. Hi, do you have ticket centers here in Davao? And where? We would like to book in advance CDO-Camiguin. We will be going to camiguin this coming Saturday March 10,2012. Please advise ASAP. Please reply to my email add attached. Tnx

  31. Hi good afternoon.!
    We are planning to have an outing this coming holy week (April 6-8, 2012). Do the Paras Sea Cat have a fixed schedule on that date?
    thank you.

  32. follow up question. do we have to buy a ticket in advance for the paras sea cat or can we buy it at the time that we are going riding at the paras sea cat? how much are we going to pay if we will bring a service car?

    • Hi @Badette A. Thanks for visiting Travel and Tours Blog. I’m sad to say that Paras Sea Cat is no longer operating..:-( But there is an alternative fast craft going Camiguin and that is the Ocean Jet.

  33. Hi! I would like to know if how do i get to bohol if i travel by land from cagayan de oro? I’m planning to travel on May 10, 2012 CDO to BOHOL and return BOHOL to CDO on May 13, 2012?

    • Hi @Galoo, Thanks for visiting Travel and Tours Blog. You need to cross the sea off course coz there is no land travel going to bohol from Cagayan de Oro. You have two options in your travel, you can try the Ocean Jet going to bohol check this post The travel time of this ocean jet going to bohol is 4 hours only but they don’t allow vehicles in this fast craft. The next option is the shipping lines which mostly the travel time schedule at night, they have Cebu ferries, Trans Asia and NEGROS NAVIGATION. These shipping lines allow vehicles but the travel time is 7-8 hours. The Trans Asia has a daily travel schedule. It’s up to you which option you gonna choose..:-)

  34. Follow up on my inquiry, i will be bringin my vehicle from CDO to BOHOL and vice versa.

  35. what age my fare ang kids?
    4yrs old full payed na?

  36. ilang oras po byahe from cagayan de oro to jagna(bohol)?
    my sched po kyo Jan.2 or 3, 2013?

  37. gud day! can u give me the schedule of paras seacat this january 2013 from jagna to camiguin and vice versa.thanks

  38. its a pity no more ferries from bohol to camiguin…anybody knows?

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