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MGM Mountain Resort Dologon, Maramag Bukidnon

Last weekend we went to MGM Mountain Resort located along the National Highway in Dologon, Maramag, Bukidnon and is easily accessible from Cagayan de Oro, Cotabato and Davao Cities.. We stay there for 2 days and 1 night with my baby bang and Lea with her boo Jeff. If you want to make some relaxing place then I can recommend this resort. They have 5 pools which has different levels. The resort also have sports like Tennis, Basketball Courts, and Billiards they have also an internet connection. It’s a nice place to go specially when you are in group. After MGM Mountain Resort we go to WAIG Crystal Spring Resort. From MGM Mountain Resort pictures.

This resorts is Nestled within a valley within the outskirts of Maramag, this resorts present a few surprises in its own. With its cool waters and many pools, a water slide will be very tempting. it is also a common venue for bikini open. We stayed this resort just an hour because we don’t enough time to explore more in this resort. Over all the WAIG Crystal Spring Resort is a nice place to go and to stay with friends, Love ones and specially with your family. This are the 2 example places where some of us did not know that we have a resort like this in the Philippines which is hidden by other place. From WAIG Crystal Spring Resort pictures.

This is what your Travel and Tour GUIDE doing when there is a time to relax, explore and travel around:-) How about you what did u do when long weekend will come?



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24 Comments for “MGM Mountain Resort Dologon, Maramag Bukidnon”

  1. I had a good time there…. So if you want to go there you may visit MGM’s site http:\ and WAIG’s site….

  2. I had a good time there…. So if you want to go there you may visit MGM’s site and WAIG’s site….

  3. hi, thanks, nice seens. where is this place and how to get there.
    take care

  4. Hi, this place is located at Dologon Maramag bukidnon. It is easy to go there just ride a bus which is the route is to bukidnon, you can find this easily coz this resort is in along the highway of dologon. Just tell to the driver or to the conductor that they will stop you at MGM resort.

  5. Nice website!!

  6. Sexy funny photos

    I’ve been here before so many times. I like the place. My and my friends usually unwind and relax here.

  7. yeah.. nice au jud ang place..

  8. i’ve been to these places also 😀

  9. naka anha naku ja when i was 8 yrs old hahaha

  10. Hello!

    Im so surprised to see this site, actually im from Bukidnon near in this beautiful area of resorts, busco is where i grew up at present im here in dubai for almost a year and my friends told me about this site, wow i cant emagine they are really eager to visit our own town. Keep it up!
    Bukidnon our home, SEE YOU SOON!

  11. hi.tanung lng me kng magkano per head pag mag sweming?
    cno poh pwde ekontak.salamat.

  12. @melissa, thanks for visiting Travels and Tours. Mura lang naman yong per head. I think nasa 20-50 pesos per head yon. Sa case kasi namin nag overnight kami dun para ma enjoy namin ang place at ang pool at may wi-fi din sila..

  13. kc naghahanap aq ng resort jan d2 kc aq nag work s manila dis coming april uuwi aq bukidnon gz2 q sna ung my ung mganda ang view.pamily reuniun sna.

  14. @melissa…hhhmmm..kong nice ang view ang gusto mo at may matutulogan masa-suggest ko sa ang WAIG resort..they have different level of pools, nice overlooking for the place at tsaka my cable car sila..Enjoy ang place can visit the WAIG Resort for more info.. Okay then naman ang MGM, may basketball court sila, billiard, table tennis at may WI-FI then..Meron silang mga malalaking room na pang family talaga…Enjoy your vacation in bukidnon..I hope na nakakatulong ang blog ko sayo..:D:-)

  15. Joseph kit Recente

    Thank’s to this place where I learned how to swim. can you imagine way back my childhood years(1991), almost everyday I spent my free time here.

  16. hy i would like to know how much per night at waig im actually from the same place but im in dubai at the moment

  17. Hi @Alice,

    Thanks for visiting Tavels and Tours and also one of the CDO GUIDE Blog here in Cagayan de Oro..What I know is the room rate only..Here is the room rate..For Delux – 3 persons for only 1,500.. For Standard – 2 persons for only 1,000 and for the Barkdahan good for 9 persons only 2,700..This rate is before I do know if it was change..:-) For more info you can visit

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  20. Raymond Marousek

    Thanks for the great info!

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  22. hi…. wow nindot na ang mgm no kay sa una diha ko bag-o pa ok ig uli nako diha mangaligo me diha …. taga diha man ko lumad taga norte sa crossing mga dacut og galupo ako mga kaliwat diha….

    • Nindot na kaau ang MGM karon ug happy ko nga naka bisita ka sakong Travels and Tours Blog. Hope you will share this site/blog to yours friends..:-)Thanks sa pagbisita..


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